What is Home Staging?

Home staging gives homes for sale a competitive edge in the marketplace by increasing appeal to potential buyers. It’s more than just cleaning and de-cluttering the house you are selling, whether that be to the House Buyers of America or anyone else… it’s about creating great first impressions. The artful arrangement of furniture and accessories will highlight a home’s best features and minimize any flaws. A patio area can benefit from poly furniture so that a potential buyer can envision having BBQs outside and entertaining guests.

Vacant homes can be especially hard to sell. They appear cold and uninviting, and most buyers have a hard time imagining themselves living there. Amazing Spaces can provide furnishings and décor, whether for a full room or small “vignettes” designed to give an impression of how a space might be used.

Another affordable option available through Amazing Spaces is getting a home staging consultation. We’ll walk through your home and provide you with a prioritized “to do” list that you can handle on your own.

Based upon statistical data, investing even a few hundred dollars in staging can net the seller thousands in return and will likely speed the sale of the house.

When you think about how it will feel when you are finally able to take the steps to put your house on the market, you’d be stupid to shy away from this idea, especially if it increases the chances of selling it at a quicker rate. Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell homes las vegas, sell your condo in Florida, or are moving out of the country for good, be sure to make your last memory of your house a good one, and staging your home could be what you need to do to achieve this goal. So go on. What are you waiting for?

usatoday“Staged homes, on average, sold in half the time that the non-staged homes did.”

U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged home will sell, on average, 17% higher than an un-staged home.

In a HomeGain Survey of over 2000 realtors, sellers who spent $500 on staging services recovered 343% of the cost in the sale of their home.