Living Room Before / After

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Living Room Before

Living Room Before


BEFORE:  Special features in this living room like the fireplace, bay window and French doors are difficult to distinguish at first glance. The bright green wall color is too taste-specific for most potential home buyers, and the furniture arrangement makes it difficult to navigate through the space. 



AFTER:  Changing the wall color to a lighter shade instantly makes the space feel more spacious and open. Swapping the large table at the entry point for a smaller one provides a view to the fireplace and clears the path into the room. The dark area rug was removed to further lighten up the space and show off gleaming hardwood floors. The sofa was repositioned to draw attention to the bay window, and the oversized coffee table was replaced with a smaller one. A few simple accessories add the finishing touch.



Living / Dining Room Makeover

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Living / Dining Room Before Makeover

Living / Dining Room Before

BEFORE: Despite the white walls, this combination living and dining room seems dark and has no flow through the space. Country-style furnishings make it feel old and outdated, and the view is blocked by curtains. Many people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their homes’ interiors so, if you feel this way too, you’re not alone – besides, there’s plenty that can be done to improve things, especially if you already have some ideas to direct how you want things to look. If you don’t, you can find plenty of inspiration on sites like Collov to get you started with making plans for your home.

Living / Dining Room After Redesign
Living / Dining Room After

AFTER: Painting the walls a rich gold tone brings much-needed warmth to the space. The dark trim was painted white to create contrast, highlighting the dark wood floors. Side-panel drapes frame the windows and the view, allowing plenty of light into the room. A lighter, neutral-colored rug helps to define the conversation area, and updated furnishings are positioned to allow traffic to flow from one space to the other.

Honestly, I am so happy with how this dining room makeover turned out. In my opinion though, I think the lighting is probably the most noticeable change. Whereas before the space looked tired and unwelcoming, the new light that has been installed has made a big change. Ultimately, this just goes to show how important choosing the best possible lighting for your home can be.

That being said, it is undeniable that there are so many amazing lighting options out there nowadays that making the right choice can seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about upgrading the lighting in your home, reaching out to an electrician can help you to determine the best possible lighting choices for your space. Accordingly, if you are looking for more information about the advantages of reaching out to an electrician to take care of installing the lighting in your home, you can get it from here.

So, what is your favorite part of this dining room remodel? Get in touch and let me know your thoughts.