Family Room Staged To Sell

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BEFORE:  This good-sized family room has wood floors, a vaulted ceiling and a wood-burning fireplace. The room seems smaller than it is because of too much stuff, a distraction from the room’s positive features. Your attention goes directly to the cluttered bookcase when you enter the room.

Family Room After
Family Room After

 AFTER:  Contents of the bookcase were boxed up to give the homeowners a jump start on their upcoming move, and the bookcase was moved to the living room which needed extra furnishings. Positioning the sofa on center with the windows creates a more proportionate layout and leaves space on the perimeter making the room feel larger. The area rug was replaced with a larger one that fits the space better.  Hanging an oversized mirror above the fireplace makes the room feel brighter by reflecting light into the space, and greens help draw attention to the fireplace. For better balance, a chest that was pushed into the far corner was repositioned near the entrance with a potted plant to frame the space.