A Sampling of Vacant Homes Staged in 2016…

St. Louis Park home – Small Home Staged & Sold!

Bathroom Makeover



Nothing about this bathroom was very appealing. Even the fittings and fixtures were worn out. The toilet got clogged regularly and sometimes we could see water leaking from it. For that however, we were suggested to search for firms like T.E. Spall & Son (https://thecomfortdoctors.com/plumbing-services-in-dunmore/) who are known to provide good quality plumbing services. We also wanted to check whether the installed water heater was functioning properly or not. After we checked that, we found it in an extremely poor condition and so planned to replace it. A few simple changes were also made. We started by placing new light bulbs in the vanity. The frosted type reduces glare and provides a nice soft light. And trust me, they look amazing! Chocolate brown bath towels and rugs complement the pale blue walls, along with an art print to pull the colors together. So, we decided to change the bath towels and buy new ones. As you can tell, a lot of different changes were made along the way so we started to look into skip bins for hire sydney way to clear the unwanted contents of the bathrooms that we got rid of in the process. A spare roll of TP was put away inside the cabinet, and fresh flowers and an updated soap dish completed the makeover. We are actually happy about this renovation. The bathroom does not look shabby anymore and smells fresh every time we enter. If you too have a bathroom that requires an urgent makeover, do not think twice. A clean and tidy bathroom is necessary for maintaining good health. On the other hand, unclean bathroom could invite diseases like urinary tract infection and Hepatitis!

Master Bathroom Before / After

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Master Bath - BEFORE - View 1

Master Bath - BEFORE



Master Bath - AFTER - View 1
Master Bath – AFTER

Updates to this master bathroom include removing the wallpaper, new paint, light fixtures, faucets, mirrors and cabinet hardware.