Advantages of Interior Redesigner vs. Interior Designer

What’s the difference between using an interior designer or having an interior redesign? Usually the biggest difference is cost. Both will consult you to find out what your design goals are and make suggestions for color and changes you can make. But with redesign, the home-owner’s tastes and style are the main consideration, not the designers style or preference. Like home staging, redesign typically involves re-arranging existing furniture and accessories with a few modest embellishments. Whether doing a single room or the entire house, we’ll help design a living space you’ll love coming home to, often at a fraction of what it would cost you to hire a traditional interior designer.

Put simply, interior redesign is an excellent choice for homeowners who want all the benefits of an interior designer but without the high price tag. These affordable transformations typically can occur in less than a day! Contact Amazing Spaces today to get a free consultation of how we can put over 20 years of our design experience to work for you.