Office Before & After Staging



Office space in the home has become high on a buyer’s list of criteria, so it’s important to make that space appear as functional and appealing as possible. This office area was extremely cluttered and lacked organization. The furniture was in desperate need of refreshing. The plaques on the wall were very personalized making it difficult for a potential buyer to imagine it as “their space.” Bringing in a floor lamp from a spare bedroom added much-needed light, and an outdated light fixture on the ceiling has been replaced. The broken office chair has also been replaced with a brand new design. When shopping for a new office chair adjustable arms are a must, and this new chair is the perfect fit. Similarly, a bench below the window offers a place for visitors to sit and makes the room feel more relaxed and comfortable. The file cabinet has been cleared and some labels were added, made from some flexible magnetic tape. This makes it look more professional and organized. I was considering getting rid of the file cabinet altogether while in the decluttering period. Where would I store my paper files? I’d get rid of them and convert them to more efficient, easily accessible files on my computer through a company like It would certainly clear up some space in my office and it would be easier to find important data I needed. However, I’ve put it off now in a bid to see my office having the ability to look clean even with paper files still around. Moving the bookshelf next to the file cabinet helped to organize as well as extend the space making the office area appear larger. Neutral artwork adds a nice touch without being too personal, and notice how one large wall hanging makes the space seem less cluttered than many small wall hangings.

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