Guest Bedroom Makeover



This spare bedroom had become a dumping ground for extra linens and off-season clothes. To convert this space to an inviting retreat for overnight guests, we replaced the mismatched bedside tables with an upholstered chair from another room and placed a round table and table lamp in the corner in place of the office-style floor lamp. It took us a while to decide which lamps to buy, but after looking on websites like, we quickly made our minds up! I think the table lamp looks gorgeous!

This room can get quite dark during the autumn and winter so we also decided to install a brand new ceiling light. Honestly, it has made such a huge difference! The old light always used to flicker and buzz, so we decided to contact an electrician to get our wiring fixed and to install a brand new light. Our electrician was absolutely fantastic and got the issue sorted out so quickly. The new ceiling light is so bright and it has really freshened up the entire room. Accordingly, if you are thinking about installing any new lights in your home, I would recommend researching electricians in your area online and browsing websites like this one:

As you know I am a huge perfectionist though and there was so much more that we wanted to do to this room. I remember reading that chrome table lamps are universal for most decors so I was thinking of getting one similar for this room. But we then came to the decision that simple was best. So, for now, our brand new ceiling light and the table lamp will have to suffice!

If I could I would have loved to have redecorated the whole thing and got all new furniture for this room, but I think I’ll save that for when I decide to redo the master bedroom. So anyway, we just added sheet brown window panels. Adding sheer brown window panels helps to soften the window and give it less of a basement feel. Coordinating bed linens, pillows and other accessories help to create a relaxing and soothing ambiance.

I think the end result is great though! Like I couldn’t be happier with this room. I just have to make sure that I don’t turn it back into a dumping ground. I have to try and break that habit, otherwise, I’ll just keep doing it. I don’t think I will want to turn it into a dumping ground though, now that we’ve updated it all. Because just look at how great it is! I’m so proud of the finished results and I can’t wait for people to actually stay over. I bet they’ll feel like they are in a hotel room or something (or at least I hope they feel that way). Anyway, at least this room is done and all sorted. Now I’ve just got to find another project to keep myself busy with.