Great Room Staged To Sell



Vacant homes can be some of the most difficult to sell, even in popular areas like los angeles real estate can be tough when the home is bare. How is it possible that empty homes, even in prime locations and close to amenities slip under the radar and remain listed for longer than furnished ones?

There are a few reasons, one is that not everyone has furniture or can move furniture they have when buying a home. In that regard buying a home that is furnished is a lot more desirable than one that is not. But aside from lacking a warm, inviting atmosphere, many potential home buyers find it hard to imagine themselves in empty space.

This particular home, located in an upscale neighborhood, sat on the market for over a year when vacant, but sold in 36 days after being staged. In the before photo you can see there is storage options and a fireplace, but ultimately the room is barren and has little purpose. In the after photograph the difference is clear, it’s an amazing living room. The plants the books and the baubles all help to create the illusion that this room is lived in and used.

All in all, staging rooms is an art for a reason. People are unfortunately not very good at imagining what they don’t have, especially if they don’t own much furniture. Give them a blank space and they’ll be thinking more along the lines of “what should I put in here” rather than “I can put myself here”. The two sound similar, but there is a key difference.